The HighTower Model


Advisor-Owned, Client-Centered

HighTower advisors are owners, as are the members of HighTower’s management team and board of directors.

This vested partnership is indicative of a new set of values, one devoted to actionable innovation in an industry desperately in need of a better model – one that equally benefits both investors and financial advisors. 

HighTower continues to redefine financial services and wealth management – and what it means to our valued clients.

Broker, Selling Products Advisor, Providing Unbiased Guidance
Working on Commission Predominantly Earning Professional Fees
House Products A variety of financial products and services from trusted vendors who compete on price for our clients’ business.
Sales Agent Fiduciary
Conflicted Aligned
Confusing Straight-forward
Opaque Transparent
Traditional brokerage Independent financial advisor