Expert Collaboration

HighTower prides itself on not having a “house view,” but rather a collective mindset of smart approaches that inspire us to work together to exceed our clients’ expectations. At HighTower, we avoid the "silo" mentality that pervades traditional advisory firms.

Unparalelled Access

Because we do not manufacture or sell financial products, HighTower advisors are less restricted in terms of investment providers than those who work for large brokerage firms.

As a result, our clients often have access to products not available to traditional brokers.

No Sales Quota

HighTower does not create financial products to sell to clients; we are free from conflicts of interest and are not beholden to “sales goals,” which supports our integrity-driven ethos and fiduciary commitment. Our clients have greater access to the highest-quality investment products and solutions from all of the top investment firms competing for their business.

Securely Held Assets

At HighTower, client assets are safely held by strong, third-party custodians such as Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., JP Morgan Clearing Corp. and Pershing.

We work with reliable, secure and independent firms like these solely based on our clients’ best interests ‑ HighTower is not beholden to in-house or custodial relationships.