Who We Are

HighTower is an elite community of independent-minded financial advisors you can trust. All HighTower advisors are fiduciaries, meaning they have a legal obligation to act in the client’s best interests. Our advisors provide financial advice with a soul, getting to know the families they serve in order to help build better lifestyles, achieve specific goals and create long-term stewards of wealth. By combining radical transparency, integrity and sophistication, we are reshaping the financial services industry from the inside out.

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HighTower Founder and CEO Elliot Weissbluth explains the difference between a broker and a fiduciary, and why it matters to an investor’s financial health.


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The HighTower Way

The traditional Wall Street wealth management industry is rife with conflicts of interests and bad incentives. We founded HighTower during the global financial crisis to provide clients with a better alternative:

Fee-Based: Our advisors use predominantly fee-based compensation models that are clearly presented to clients.

Technology-Driven: We leverage new technology to optimize the advisor and client experience.

Multi-Custodial: We partner with trusted, third-party vendors and renowned custodians to offer choice, security and optimal client solutions.

Community-Oriented: We foster a collaborative environment among our network of elite advisors in an effort to drive better results and experiences for all clients.

Open-Architecture: We provide access to high-quality research and investment products, handling due diligence and relationship support for all service providers.

Interests-Aligned: HighTower is a firm built by advisors, for advisors. Our teams actively participate in maintaining our fiduciary, client-first culture.

Old Wall Street Paradigm

Broker, pushing proprietary products

Compensated largely on opaque commissions

Narrow range of often overpriced, low-quality in-house investment products

Single entrenched vendor often equals higher prices, poor service

Often beholden to corporate agenda

Cutthroat advisor culture


HighTower Model

Advisor, providing unbiased guidance

Compensated predominantly on transparent fees

Wide variety of competitively-priced, high-quality third-party investment products

Multiple competing vendors often equals lower prices, great service

Independent-minded, client-centered

Collaborative advisor culture