What started years ago as a simple recap of the week in the market(s) is now at the very core of our client communications.  Our desire to serve our clients by helping them become more enlightened investors, trusting in the philosophy and process we bring to investing, and growing in the knowledge and familiarity that feeds that trust.

ADVICE AND INSIGHTS is just that – the insights, formed from in-depth research and market analysis, and the advice that is informed by that analysis.  We share deep investment thinking while never losing sight of practical application.  This “thinking” culminates in communications that our clients have come to expect in the form of writings, videos, and podcasts that are focused on being relevant and relatable. 

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Dividend Café is the place to come for a caffeinated stroll through our investment brain.  We combine weekly ad hoc market perspective with evergreen truths and principles, covering a wide array of topics from macroeconomic to vanilla asset allocation.  We want it to be readable for people of all levels of investor sophistication, and, most importantly, want it to be an authentic reflection of what we believe.  The regurgitation of other’s investment perspective can be found anywhere.  The Dividend Café is our material, for good or for bad.

Market Epicurean is a deeper dive into the investing markets. The topics will change week by week, and we purposely allow for a higher level of investment vocabulary to surround the concepts.  Monetary policy may put people to sleep at the Dividend Café, but here at Market Epicurean, it is the horse that pulls that cart (along with all sorts of more intense economy theory and capital markets intensity).

The Financierge reflects the diversity of services and thought leadership we provide our clients.  Not only do we guide our clients through all the phases of their financial needs, but we also do so in a context that is holistic and comprehensive. We devote as many resources to being consultative planners as we do being quality investment managers, integrating the accumulation, preservation, and transfer phases of wealth management.  We realize that our clients need us to serve as a “quarterback” into a wide array of professional services, from legal and lifestyle needs to real estate and tax, lending and bookkeeping, etc.  We formalized a due diligence analysis and curated a platform of service providers.  The Financierge consists of the core insights across these many disciplines that are instrumental in driving the right client experience.

"Women have unique financial issues and concerns that they must confront over the course of their lives that differ from men’s. Many of our base truths about money are formed by our upbringing and the people in our lives. We are not born with preconceived notions about money, hence it is within our control to change our mindset, reprogram and secure our financial futures."  

Kimberlee Davis, The Fiscal Feminist.

TOM [Thoughts On Money] is a place to find simple truths on money.  Everything from budgeting to investing to decision making.  A great place to come for answers to your own personal financial questions or to spark thought on how to improve your financial life.  Enjoy an easy to read, application focused commentary.