Our Services

Client-Centered Financial Planning

    - Creating a Plan: Guidance to identify financial goals
    - Diversification: Placing assets across a variety of investments
    - Asset Allocation: Well diversified approach using multiple asset classes that align with risk tolerance
    - Time Horizon: Length of time for the investment
    - Commitment: Staying with the plan
    - Communication: Clear and concise
    - Portfolio: Construction and Evaluation

Trust and Estate Planning

    - Analyze and identify estate planning and insurance needs
    - Arrange clients property and affairs to help provide current control and management over financial resources
    - Assist clients in the proper preparatory steps to help ensure surviving family members will be taken care of in the event of a death of a client or unforeseen circumstances

Cash and Retirement Planning

    - Analyze current and retirement cash flow needs
    - Connect with client to understand retirement goals and implement strategies
    - Implement a financial pathway that can help clients to retire comfortably based upon their wants and needs, leading to long-term visualization and stabilization
    - Act as a reliable resource to help protect our clients futures and take their trust to heart

Insurance and Liability Management

    - Focus on managing liabilities and other obligations to help ensure long-term financial stabilization
    - Provide an added layer of protection for client’s specific responsibilities and exposures
    - Educate clients on managing insurance needs to help maintain and preserve wealth

Wealth Preservation Strategies

    - Create a custom financial plan tailored to specific needs of the client while focusing on maintaining and preserving existing wealth
    - Customize financial plans centered around the ecology of client’s finances
    - Craft each investment strategy based on the interaction with our clients, their financial needs and investing personalities

Sports and Entertainment

    - Wealth Management for Athletes and Entertainers
    - Provide investment advice and extensive planning and advisory services to professional entertainers and athletes throughout all stages of career
    - Assist in preserving the legacies of both athletes and entertainers to continue enjoying successful lifestyles
    - Act as a loyal financial confidant to athletes and entertainers