Boutique Benefits

We operate with access to intelligence and research opinions from both well-known and boutique investment firms.

As true fiduciaries, we have a legal obligation to put our clients first. All investment decisions made are based on what is best for the clients.

HighTower embraces collective wisdom and internal resources to foster an environment where financial professionals are given the opportunity to collaborate with their fellow partners to exemplify the power of intellectual capital, leading to the ultimate goal of ensuring the most effective and positive client experience.

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Independent, Multi-Custodial Platform

Our client-centric approach offers a distinctive investment process that is fully supported by third-party research, due diligence and trustworthy decision making.

Access to unobstructed advice is invaluable and is a significant benefit for every HighTower client.

In efforts to eliminate potential conflicts between advice and custody, HighTower does not act as a custodian for client assets.

We utilize enhanced clearing relationships with renowned independent custodians, thus providing another critical layer of risk management.

Our motivated team focuses on taking advantage of opportunities we have to create valuable relationships with centers of influence, institutional providers and other external resources to help expand our reach and assist in making disciplined and strategic financial decisions.

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Transparency, Comprehension and Trust

Our clients embrace a multi-custodial platform and also understand the fee structure of each component relating to the management of their assets.

We believe in providing our clients with honest advice as well as continuous and comprehensive education.

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