Our Areas of Focus

Wealth has a deep-rooted personal relevance for everyone

We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. These things are often dependent on prudent financial management. Whether you seek financial independence, educational funding, vacation homes, building a financial legacy, or funding institutional goals, these objectives all rely on a well-crafted financial plan. Even more intangible aspirations like personal fulfillment, meaningful relationships, and crafting a legacy of values require a clear vision and a broader stewardship plan. Our financial planning process includes the four important key areas designed to help you achieve financial success. An additional fifth area then extends the process to create an alignment with your personal and family values to help you reach your personal vision. In short, our process uses a rigorous methodology implemented in a custom, personal way.

Family Wealth Stewardship

You have spent a lifetime building a strong foundation for your family, which includes your material assets and the less tangible, but no less important, values and principles that guide you. There are two very different paths that families like yours typically follow.

More than 94 percent of families with legacy wealth follow a path that leads to the eventual loss of their assets and the damage to their family harmony. The wealth of these families does not survive more than three generations.

Six percent choose a different path, leading to multi-generational strength, prosperity and unity. Imagine if you were able to pass not only your material wealth, but also the values and wealth-building skills that you have learned and lived. What contributions to family and community might three generations empowered with those skills and attributes be able to make?

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Entrepreneurial Services

The entrepreneurial mind is always moving. If it’s not creating, building or managing, it’s consumed by all the details required to keep a company on its feet. Business owners face complex issues when it comes to retirement plans, portfolio management, estate planning, insurance planning, risk management, and business transfer planning. Add in the inevitable uncertainty, lack of clarity and an assortment of advisors who don’t know how to work together, and it’s not surprising that 70 percent of business owners haven’t found the time to finish, and in some cases start, their financial plan. HighTower Bellevue’s Wealth Stewardship process helps create peace of mind surrounding your financial plan.

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Divorce Wealth Counseling

When your life is in upheaval and uncertainties abound, it’s important to have someone on your side. The impact of divorce affects you and your family personally and financially. People facing tough decisions through divorce sometimes don’t get what they should, because they are anxious and act imprudently.

Divorce settlements last a lifetime, so you need to have a plan in place and a coordinated team to facilitate the plan. Before anything else, assemble a first-rate legal and financial divorce team to represent and support you. As the financial side of your team, we work side-by-side with you and your attorney to guide you through the divorce, no matter how complex or stressful it may become. We are dedicated to meeting your financial needs before, during and after the divorce to make sure you start your new life as financially comfortable as possible.

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Our Process

The 5 A's of Wealth Stewardship

published on Mar 24, 2015

We use a five step process that is purposeful in design. With this process, we help you to build a personalized framework for achieving your investment goals.

Our Investment Process

Tactical Flexibility Personal Relevance Strategic Strength

Tactical Flexibility:

Next, we deploy an economically sensitive rebalancing, sector weighting, and selection process. Our analytic tools are built to help our team enhance results during volatile trends to optimize returns and minimize risk.

Personal Relevance:

We plan for, and react to, market changes in coordination with your individual requirements. We use an open selection process encompassing a wide array of investment vehicles that are ultimately selected for your portfolio based on your objectives. Since we have no incentive other than your success, our independence allows us to explore all possibilities.