We are a team of 9 investment professionals dedicated to serving high-net-worth families in a fiduciary advisory relationship. Our team has a spent a collective 80 years working in the wealth management industry. We possess well-rounded perspectives based on our experience on the floors of the Chicago Board of Trade, Wall Street investment banks, and currently with an Independent RIA. We advise 50 families, nationwide, in the areas of investment and family office services

Our Philosophy

WE COMMIT to the fiduciary standard for all clients. We strive to provide impartial advice, excellent service, comprehensive/transparent reporting and solid long term net of fee, net of tax performance. 

OUR APPROACH to each client’s portfolio is tailored to their specific needs by selecting investments we find to be most appropriate for a particular investor. Having said that, we personally invest in a similar manner alongside our clients, with the common objective being long term conservative growth. Our overall analysis considers a client’s complete financial situation and focuses on all assets owned, regardless of purpose, location or disposition.

WE BELIEVE successful investment management takes into consideration each individual’s unique financial situation. Building an investment policy is an important first step which allows us to develop a customized plan that integrates each client’s investments with their financial, social impact & philanthropic goals & objectives. 

OUR PORTFOLIOS are constructed using multiple investment vehicles and asset classes.  While we look to directly manage as many investments as possible, we will engage third parties in an area outside of our proficiency or in the circumstance where the manager’s strategy can more efficiently provide incremental risk adjusted returns. We employ both active and passive strategies. 


Client Demographics


• Entrepreneurs
• Owners & Executives of public and privately owned businesses
• General Partners of private equity & hedge funds


• Hedge Funds
• Private Equity
• Law
• Real Estate
• Engineering
• Trading
• Healthcare

Net Worth

• 6%     >$150M
• 8%     $100M-$150M
• 34%    $50M-$100M
• 35%    $20M-$50M
• 17%   < $20M

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Client Locations

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin