Investment Services

Our commitment is to provide you with excellent, personalized service and support that includes:

Discretionary portfolio managment

Adopting an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to outline risk tolerance, tax strategy, investment goals, asset allocation ranges and distinct client needs.

Managing the portfolio to help meet income and growth goals, as well as follow the terms of the IPS.

Diversifying among asset classes, economic sectors and industries to help address the client’s needs and the challenges of the economic environment.

Strategies that are designed to help achieve competitive investment returns.

Minimizing costs where possible and prudent.

Quarterly performance and market commentary.

Quarterly statements with a Portfolio Appraisal, a Realized Gain/Loss Report and a Purchases & Sales Report.

Consolidating multiple account statements into a single report.

Communicating according to the client's preference: by mail, email, phone or personal meetings.

Financial planning on request.