Philanthropic Service Offerings

At Klein Wealth Management, our integrated services and customizable solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of endowments, foundations, and nonprofits with a focus on helping them realize both their short and long-term goals. Our process involves working directly with finance committees in order to come to a joint resolution on portfolio management, structure and an investment policy that reflects the vision stakeholders have for the future.


We work with clients to develop custom Investment Policy Statements which are aligned with the organization’s stated objectives and constraints. IPS construction will be built to address return objective, risk tolerance, liquidity, time horizon, tax concerns, legal concerns, and unique circumstances.


We work with clients to identify areas of investment opportunity, develop asset allocation strategies and provide ongoing monitoring of investments and reallocation of assets, when and where appropriate.


We create both high-level and detailed client portfolio and investment performance reports.


We will provide our professional guidance to help organizations meet their obligations as fiduciaries.


We will provide ongoing monitoring of the organization and its accounts to ensure proper due diligence is taking place.


published on Nov 11, 2015

At Klein Wealth Management, being a legacy agent requires an open ear and an open mind seeking opportunities that others may miss and being a steward when formulating an investment plan and a fiduciary when implementing it. Passion is our front and center-- we strive to create and fulfill legacies that our clients can be proud of for generations to come. As stewards of philanthropic portfolios, our clients trust us to guide them through the increasingly volatile capital markets. 

Passion for Giving

Our clients have invested valuable time and resources into beloved nonprofits and causes, and they want this commitment to continue long into the future. We and our clients are willing to think creatively, both in choosing a vehicle for their legacy and helping to identify the optimal investment strategy to support their passions. We develop an investment policy statement that matches the objectives while respecting the constraints and unique nuances. We endeavor to formulate an optimal portfolio, carefully monitor it and provide periodic reporting. Our intimate knowledge of this sector, coupled with our passion, translates into proactive empathy – an understanding and commitment to being there for our clients and to making a difference. 

Many clients are using capital—investments—to maximize their giving in what we call a “double play,” growing their capital base within their areas of giving interest. We work collaboratively, seeking to find the most effective ways to establish your legacy through charitable giving so that the people and causes that are important to you may receive the greatest benefit. To exemplify, one client who focuses on domestic violence carves out a portion to invest in private companies that provide training and development for tech professions, providing opportunities for victims of domestic violence to get back on their feet. Thus, our client expects these private companies to grow in value—the proverbial double play.


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Klein Wealth Management is focused on legacy planning and investment management for charitable giving and private foundations to allow our clients to continue giving for generations to come.

The Klein Wealth Management team strives to support you and your family by offering educational resources to help you make informed decisions about your philanthropic strategy.

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