Kuhlmey Wealth Management specializes in helping high net worth individuals, families, institutions, and non-profit organizations understand, manage, and preserve their wealth.

Our Mission

Investors often share a variety of financial concerns that can be summed up in two general questions:

           “Are they on track to meet their financial goals?” and
           “What aspects of their financial lives are being overlooked?”

Clients desire reassurance that they will be financially sound, that their family or organization will be provided for, and that they are doing everything possible to position themselves for long-term success.

We strive to deliver high-quality advice with transparency, so that costs and safe keeping of investments are clearly understood. Client assets are held at trusted third-party custodians, including Pershing, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab - not at HighTower.

Better understanding of one's financial situation and strategy can create confidence and empowerment, providing the basis to pursue significant decisions including extinguishing debt, moving forward with major purchases, or retiring.

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Financial 360°

Protecting wealth is typically the most important aspect of our clients' financial situations, but it requires looking far beyond investment management. We developed the Financial 360 to help construct a comprehensive perspective of our clients' fiscal situations, uncover any “blind-spots,” and create a road map for success.

For individuals and families, the Financial 360 involves analysis of cashflow, investments, taxes, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.

For institutions, Financial 360 focuses on investments, cash reserves, cashflow, taxes, fiduciary obligation, and philanthropy.

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