Wealth Services

We educate and empower our clients

We help guide our clients through a dynamic and continuously-changing economic landscape as we encourage them to broaden their knowledge of the domestic markets and global economy.

We provide our clients with key components to strengthen their decision-making process, including monthly letters, individual meetings and group discussions about current events, and market conditions.

Every client’s comfort level is different; The Lerner Group provides ongoing educational meetings, and believes that imparting financial knowledge and understanding to our clients is an essential component in their decision-making process. 

Our Services Include:

We provide clients and their families with a strong foundation for the future, reinforced with knowledge and ongoing, personalized support.

Our advisors not only help you maintain your portfolio, but also work with you to develop custom financial plans and asset allocation strategies. We believe that one of our key value-adds is the availability of educational resources and guidance. As a service to our clients, we have an attorney on retainer and a staffed insurance agent to assist clients with questions, concerns and complex planning issues—at no additional cost. We strive to enhance your understanding of your investments and the markets to prepare you to make well-informed financial decisions.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Financial Planning

Estate Review & Planning

Wealth Transfer & Income Planning

Educational Meetings for the Next Generation

Philanthropic Giving Assistance

Insurance Evaluation & Planning

Intergenerational Wealth Management

We work with our clients through the three stages of wealth management: accumulation, preservation and distribution. Through this process, we aim to achieve all of our client’s financial goals, and to ensure that they have the most complete understanding of their current estate plan possible. We offer a full complimentary review of estate plan documents and provide recommendations where needed to protect the assets in the best interests of the beneficiaries. The goal of intergenerational wealth management is to preserve wealth for future generations and to oversee the distributions of inheritances to beneficiaries in the most efficient manner according to client’s wishes.