Integrity. Excellence. Trust.

Seemingly simple principles, sometimes overlooked in business. Yet our founder, Tony Morgia, so believed in these very principles that he built his business on them. And since 1968, they have guided Morgia Wealth Management. Our clients entrust us with their financial lives, and we take that personally. Our clients’ trust and our reputation are the two most valuable assets we manage. That makes our mission quite clear: to deliver quality investment advice and act in the best interest of our clients, without exception.

"Morgia Wealth Management's roots were planted in 1968 in Watertown, NY when Tony Morgia began helping local families and businesses plan and invest for their future. After nearly 50 years, The Morgia Group continues to serve some of the very families that helped build Tony’s practice.

Today, the team is a generational office, advising many of their original clients as well as those clients’ children and grandchildren. We have continued to expand and are the trusted advisors for banks, unions, foundations and retirement plans. We credit this to the fact that clients are looking for a wealth management firm that they can trust while we are looking for clients that believe in our long-term approach to wealth management. When those two things come together a mutually beneficial business relationship is created.
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