A Family Serving Families

The Morse, Towey & White Group at HighTower is a tight-knit team of professionals dedicated to fulfilling the wealth management needs of families.

At the Morse, Towey & White Group, we listen first. Your unique experiences, circumstances, goals, fears and dreams inform our understanding of your financial life. We are relentless in maintaining a consistently high level of service because we know the difference between answering a question and solving a problem. Rely on us to help you navigate your financial life.

Our clients are families.

Our relationships typically span many branches of the family tree. Three quarters of the assets we manage belong to families of which at least two generations are clients, and half of the assets we manage belong to families whose relationships with our team are three or four generations deep.

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We share

A client is never “assigned” to one individual on the team. Instead, we all work cooperatively with each family.

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We learn from one another

Each member of our team has one or more specialties in which he or she is the resident expert, and we all know who excels in what discipline. The structure allows us to focus on our strengths and interests while providing our clients with the knowledge and expertise to address myriad financial challenges.

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We enjoy working together

Our team genuinely appreciates each other’s company. We share a deep dedication to and affection for our clients that inspires us to help one another grow and succeed.

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Our values matter to us

Our deeply-held principles and beliefs serve as the foundation of our work with the Morse, Towey & White Group at HighTower. In addition to delivering thoughtful counsel and best-in-class financial solutions to our clients, we are all committed to “giving back to our communities.” Whether it’s volunteering with a charity, mentoring students or serving on the board of a philanthropic organization, we bring the dedication and care with which we treat our clients to a variety of causes and endeavors in which we believe.

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Awards & Accolades

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