We strive to provide clients with unobstructed, objective advice.

We are able to provide this service because we have chosen to take a fiduciary oath—a pledge that obligates us to provide the highest standard of client care and legally binds us to act solely in the interest of our clients.

We believe wealth management involves more than building wealth, and our clients rely on us to protect, guide and plan their financial futures.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes award-winning* wealth managers and advisors, as well as client service professionals with decades of experience in the financial industry.

We provide our clients with holistic wealth management investment advice, financial planning and advisory services.

We take an in-depth, analytical approach to screening investments, creating customized portfolios and providing macro-economic investment management and advice based on our clients’ individual needs, goals and dreams. 

Fiduciary Commitment

A fiduciary is an investment professional or financial advisor, who is required by law to act solely in the interests of and with undivided loyalty to their clients. A Fiduciary’s advice and recommendations must align with a client’s specific objectives, timeframe and risk tolerance.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designees are formally recognized for demonstrating a full understanding of how to implement fiduciary processes to help individuals, families and companies achieve their investment goals in a responsible and accountable manner.

As committed fiduciaries, HighTower Palm Desert has a legal obligation to avoid conflicts and act on behalf of our client’s interests. We are committed to upholding our fiduciary responsibilities and practices while focusing on the financial objectives, values and legacies our clients wish to fulfill.
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Our Process

Our disciplined, four-step investment process enables us to construct well-diversified portfolios with appropriate asset allocation to help our clients achieve their personalized investment goals, such as cash flow requirements, long-term capital stability and growth. We believe what you keep in the market is the most important component of a successful investment strategy. We focus on high-dividend investment strategies and pay close attention to risk management.

Evaluate Circumstances

Formalize Plan

Monitor & Review

Implement Strategy

Formalize Plan

Once we know your financial objectives we create a customized financial plan. Client objectives, investment requirements and constraints are formalized in their Personal Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement (IPS.)

Implement Strategy

The asset allocation strategy, as formulated in the IPS, is used as a foundation for investing the portfolio. After the broader asset classes and asset mix are identified, sub-asset classes and individual managers and/or funds are identified and selected.