Navigating Your Future

Imagine a life enriched with rewarding experiences—a life of your own design, rich with new adventures, and more time for friends, family, community and the pursuit of your passions.

Imagining this life is easy; achieving it is more complex. At HighTower St. Louis, we have the vision, experience and conviction in our actions to help you pursue the life that you envision.

HighTower St. Louis is an elite financial services firm located in St. Louis, Missouri. We guide high-net-worth families and business owners throughout the wealth management and financial planning process, including tax-efficient wealth accumulation; retirement, estate and gift planning; and business succession strategies.

Financial decision-making is not a onetime event. At HighTower St. Louis, we understand that life happens and circumstances change. Our disciplined approach and sophisticated financial tools enable our team to help you make important financial decisions with greater confidence.

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At HighTower St. Louis, we are committed to understanding your vision for the future. We work with you to develop a clear plan to help make it happen. We create custom solutions suited to your life and dreams, and offer tailored financial guidance to help you crystalize and achieve your goals.

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At HighTower St. Louis, our team has provided advice through the shifting economic policies of six Presidents and four Federal Reserve Chairmen. We have guided clients through seven bear markets and recoveries, several major tax law revisions, as well as changes in estate, pensions and social security. Our experiences equip us to support our clients throughout changing market conditions and challenges.
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We serve generations of families and clients. The world has changed radically over three decades, but our focus has not: provide sophisticated, knowledgeable financial advice and services that aid our clients as they build and preserve assets while pursuing a meaningful lifestyle.
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Our Fiduciary Commitment

We serve you, your family and your business as fiduciaries. A fiduciary is an individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. It is a relationship in which one person has an obligation to act for another's benefit. Our partnership with HighTower gives us access to quality investment solutions from some of the top firms and service providers. Our approach enables you, our client, to benefit from competitive pricing, as well as a diverse selection of sophisticated investments and services.

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The HighTower St. Louis Difference

An Integrated Team Approach

Each member of our team knows your family, your personal preferences, and strives to provide efficient, cohesive solutions tailored to your family’s desires, needs and circumstances.
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An Investment Discipline Based on Adaptive Portfolio Management

We believe portfolios should be structured to adapt, sometimes rapidly, to a constantly changing, unpredictable environment. Rather than relying solely on a traditional “buy & hold” approach, our adaptive management may use a more expansive palette of options that include proactive defensive measures, including some investments with the potential to benefit from volatile markets.
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Access to Sophisticated Resources & Support

Our team leverages access to HighTower’s community of elite investment professionals and resources to serve your complex investment and financial planning needs, including corporate cash management, investment banking and corporate retirement plans. We also maintain relationships with CPAs, attorneys, investment bankers, business coaches, pension consultants and risk management specialists.
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