Corporate and Institutional Services

Strategies for Success

At HighTower Twickenham, we understand the multi-faceted operational, financial and planning complexities of business ownership and corporate leadership. Balancing long-term business growth and day-to-day operations alongside personal affairs can leave little time for financial planning. Our team specializes in supporting the distinct and often intertwined private and corporate wealth management needs of business owners, executives and professionals.

We offer institutional clients knowledgeable guidance to help fulfill their financial management and fiduciary responsibilities as trustees for endowments and foundations. We work with both individuals and organizations to clarify financial objectives and build tailored investment portfolios that help position their institutions for near-term success and long-term sustainability.

Our Areas of Focus

Corporate and Executive Financial Services

We realize corporate executives and business owners require a specific financial planning approach. With this in mind, we provide professional guidance and tactics to include stock and option based compensation, business valuation, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) and exit strategies for the business.

As your business grows and transitions over time, we can help answer questions you may have such as: How do I structure corporate packages to attract and retain the right talent and help my business grow? How should I maximize my business's earnings while also engaging with a potential buyer? What is the best way to transition my business to a family member or the next generation of management?

When working with executive and professional clients, our goal is to help answer these questions while providing strategies to competitively position you and your business for continued success in the marketplace. 

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Cash Management

We develop customized fixed income strategies for companies and institutions electing to outsource responsibility for portfolio management, compliance, credit monitoring, reporting and liquidity management. Our team can design a plan that works to provide returns on cash that exceed money market accounts and give more liquidity than short-term CD's. With careful review and analysis of each organization's structure and resources, we are dedicated to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities as stewards of the cash our clients entrust to us.

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Retirement Plan Services

HighTower Fiduciary Plan Advisors is a team of experienced plan practitioners that leverage their knowledge to help plan sponsors manage their retirement plans, drive results and support efficient plan operations. We understand the challenges you face and have developed a service model to address them.

We deliver full-service consulting on all types of employer-sponsored retirement plans. Whether you need the support and protection of a fiduciary partner or want to improve retirement outcomes for your employees, our advice provides you with an unobstructed view of your plan. It is our honor and privilege to help our clients create a retirement program that will help position employees to build adequate savings and retire with dignity.

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Institutional Management Consulting

For institutions that are managing endowments and foundations, we offer a comprehensive suite of investment services, often acting as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Our goal is to provide endowment and foundation fiduciaries with the confidence that their investments align with their organization’s long-term financial objectives and mission.

From meticulous portfolio construction and investment diversification to investment policy construction and compliance monitoring, our team assumes investment management responsibilities.

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Our Services Include:

Financial Planning for C-Suite Executives

We specialize in advising C-level executives on the complex financial situations they face, such as restricted stock and option based compensation, non-qualified deferred compensation, cash management and shareholder optics surrounding divestitures. We also develop customized investment strategies and provide guidance on various special situations such as offshore trusts & currency hedging.

Corporate Retirement Plans & Executive Benefits

Our team of award-winning* financial planners and 401(k) specialists can establish and implement 401(k) plans, corporate cash management strategies and employee stock options programs. 

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10b5-1 Sales Plans for Executives of Public Companies

We advise executives and board members of public companies on the design and implementation of 10b5-1 Trading Plans. Based on a detailed planning process and factoring the various forms of equity ownership, we can tailor a plan to help meet the specific objectives of the officer.

Business Succession Planning

As business owners ourselves, we understand the hard work and effort that current and retired business owners have poured into their businesses. Not only do we provide business liquidity consultations and strategic planning services, we also offer business valuation and wealth management and assistance in the acquisition or sale of a business.