Individuals and Families

A Customized Approach

Every new client relationship begins with a comprehensive dialogue about their background, investing experience and perspectives, and most importantly, the goals that they wish to achieve for themselves and for their families. By learning our clients' history, we create customized financial planning strategies tailored to their specific levels of risk tolerance and cash flow requirements.

We discuss investment objectives in the context of accomplishing goals such as funding new business opportunities, providing for next generations, supporting their current lifestyles, planning for future retirement and engaging in charitable giving.

Our Areas of Focus


Stewarding wealth through life’s transitions, establishing lasting legacies and sharing and transferring core values are integral parts of managing your wealth. We build relationships with every generation to insure our clients’ values are shared throughout the family. Additionally, per our clients’ direction, we interface with other trusted advisors and service professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.) to coordinate execution in areas such as financial, tax, insurance, philanthropic, retirement, college, estate and wealth transfer planning. Markets go up and down, but sound financial planning creates futures built to last.

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Enjoy where you are today as well as the path to tomorrow. We offer a broad array of family office services, both in-house and outsourced, that focus on clients’ lifestyle and financial needs. With more than 60 years of industry experience, we also assist clients in estimating their cash flows, analyzing their insurance needs and preparing for retirement.

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We take an in-depth, objective and analytical approach in screening investments, creating customized portfolios and providing macro-economic, financial and investment research. Since we are fiduciaries, our clients have access to a broad suite of high-quality, third-party investment managers who compete for their business.
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Our Services Include:

Personal Financial Planning

We work with each of our clients to clarify their personal financial goals for themselves and their families. By intimately learning our clients’ history, philosophy and perspectives, we create personalized financial plans that are tailored to their unique levels of risk tolerance and cash flow requirements.

Investment Consulting

We work with clients to identify areas of investment opportunity, develop asset allocation strategies and provide ongoing monitoring of investments and reallocation of assets when and where appropriate.

Discretionary portfolio managment

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction Strategy

All of our portfolios are developed as a function of our clients’ specific goals and risk tolerances. We take a long-term, preservation focused, investment approach coupled with sensitivity to clients’ liquidity and cash flow needs.

Retirement Planning

We help clients develop retirement strategies with an emphasis on income distribution needs, long-term goals, tax management and charitable giving.

Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning

We help clients and their families create estate transfer strategies, including trusts and wills with an emphasis on tax efficiency.

Wealth transfer and income

Tax Minimization Strategy & Counseling

From estate planning to charitable giving, our team focuses on creating tax-efficient investment and wealth management strategies.

Philanthropic Guidance & Charitable Gifting Strategies

We conceptualize and help create philanthropic strategies for our clients, including the establishment of private foundations, charitable remainder trusts and donor-advised funds and trusts.

Legacy & Generational Planning

We work with clients and their families to preserve family values and educate the future generations on financial and investment best practices.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis

Our team helps clients create budgets that align with their objectives, fulfill current needs and support long-term business valuation. 

Alternative Investment Strategy

We partner with private equity investment firms to develop custom strategies that help position clients to achieve their financial goals and optimize their assets.

Risk Management

Our team provides ongoing portfolio and investment monitoring to discern, assess and help mitigate risk. We can also work with clients on the hedging and monetization of concentrated stock positions. 

Family Office Services

For many wealthy families, the preservation of family traditions and values are as important as the preservation of their wealth. We assist clients in developing a family mission statement, next-generation financial education and cash flow management.

Plan Coordination with Family Advisors (CPA, Attorney, Trustees)

We help foster alignment of clients' entire financial pictures by working directly with their other trusted advisors to increase efficiency and cohesion.

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Private Banking and Lending Services

We work to offer tailored cash management services, payment services and lending solutions to enhance our clients' liquidity and flexibility.