Our Wealth Management Process

Sincere and Sophisticated Solutions

Our disciplined four-step investment process enables us to construct custom, well-diversified portfolios that help our clients achieve their articulated investment goals, such as cash flow requirements and long-term capital stability and growth. We always focus on high quality investments and emphasize capital preservation above all else.

Assessment And Review

Analysis and Planning

Monitoring and On-going Management

Implementation and Execution

Analysis and Planning

Planning drives the entire process and is the most critical aspect of portfolio management. Our goal is to help clients carefully evaluate their most important needs, understand their risk tolerance, and formulate comprehensive financial plans designed to meet their unique needs.

Implementation and Execution

Implementing the investment plan is the third step. Our team performs rigorous ongoing research and due diligence on all managers and investment vehicles being used or considered. With our open platform, our clients are not tied to any one product, security, or asset management company.

Portfolio Construction And Evaluation

As an investor participating in the global markets, you can expect to generate investment returns from three primary sources: Strategic Allocation, Tactical Allocation, and Manager/Security Selection. When all three factors are properly analyzed and effectively acted upon, we believe we have a greater likelihood of satisfying our return objectives with the least amount of risk.
Tactical Selection Strategic Optimally Managed

Tactical Asset Allocation

While strategic asset allocation targets provide appropriate structure to portfolios during orderly markets, tactical asset allocation adjustments are designed to be responsive to shorter-term market variables. By acknowledging and responding to over and undervalued sub-sector and asset class valuations, we can add value to the overall investment process by potentially limiting losses at times of excess and deploying portfolio liquidity at attractive prices.

Manager/Security Selection

We employ a rigorous diligence process to screen and select investment solutions for our clients. We use an open selection process encompassing a wide array of investment vehicles including Active Management, Passive ETF’s, Individual Securities, and a broad suite of Alternative Investments. Since we have no incentive other than your success, our independence allows us to explore all possibilities and advocate on your behalf to negotiate lower management and trading costs.