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Wolf-Collins Wealth Management specializes in working with high-net-worth individuals, business owners and nonprofit organizations.
Our guiding philosophy shapes our insights and strengthens our advice and guidance to you. Beyond our experience, skill and market insight, knowing you and understanding the details of your life help us evolve our perspective and, in turn, create customized investment and wealth management strategies.


Your goals and financial objectives are very individualized—and so are the strategies and services we offer. Though markets can fluctuate unpredictably, we support you through turbulent times using the fundamental principles of asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing.
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With more than 35 years of combined experience, we are your trusted advisor in helping you pursue financial success. We understand your financial objectives and we’ll recommend carefully researched strategies. Our goal is to help make your financial life simpler. We have access to Wall Street’s economic and financial research, investment solutions and technology. We provide aggregation and performance reporting tools currently available only to institutions. We partner with your tax and estate planning professionals in the coordination of your financial life.
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We are fiduciaries, and must adhere to a Fiduciary Standard – the highest standard in the financial services industry. We have a legal obligation to put our client's interests first.
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The best roads are built with a destination in mind. By helping you establish goals and define your financial objectives, we’re better able to offer individualized strategies designed to realize them.
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HighTower is a national, industry-leading* wealth management firm offering a distinct model that blends objective wealth management advice with a robust technology and services platform.

Our independent-minded advisors are dedicated to providing clients with transparent communication and comprehensive support.

A commitment to supporting clients’ financial well-being and deeply-rooted trust is the foundation of the firm.

* HighTower Named #2 on the Nationwide Top 100 Wealth Managers List. —Forbes, 2015

Awards & Accolades

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HighTower Client Advantages


Technology & Reporting



Technology & Reporting

HighTower offers access to sophisticated performance reporting tools and capabilities to enhance the client experience. Our advisors leverage secure, high-quality performance reporting tools to build customized wealth management and investment reports, and clients access account information and a consolidated view of their overall net wealth via our exclusive Client Portal.


For HighTower advisors, serving clients requires understanding each client and providing them with thorough, personalized investment advice. From personalized investment planning and ongoing support, to financial data security and access to the collective wisdom of our community of experienced financial professionals, HighTower provides advisors with strong foundation to support clients and their families.