Putting Your Interests First

Like your physician or attorney, acting in your best interest is our legal obligation.

At HighTower, your advisor generates financial analyses and insights designed for your distinct goals and risk tolerances. We believe diversity of opinion strengthens our firm and develops our intellectual capital.

But what does that mean to you?

We believe that access to truly independent financial advice is invaluable, and it is a significant benefit for every HighTower client.

Every HighTower advisor has access to some of the best solutions that Wall Street has to offer, including:

• Investment platforms
• Research
• Trading access and technology
• Lending products and services
• And more

Additionally, many of the financial industry’s leading product and service companies compete for HighTower advisors’ business, which, in turn, benefits and helps protect  clients.


Q. Why do firms that offer both investment products and financial advice tend to fall short on service?

A. Because selling products that benefit their firm’s bottom line receives a higher priority than recommending the right product for their client.

No Quid-Pro-Quo, No Sales Quotas

At HighTower, access to sophisticated financial products and services comes unencumbered by the demand for stockholder profits that drives many large, integrated brokerage firms.

HighTower delivers an unobstructed view, where service – not sales – plays the central role.

HighTower’s model means your advisor is under no obligation to sell house products – because we don’t manufacture any. At HighTower, our primary purpose and legal responsibility is to advise our clients and provide guidance on their investments.

Instead of offering proprietary products to sell, HighTower focuses on access to more research, sophisticated capital markets desks and greater flexibility in executing strategies.