The HighTower Model


Advisor-Owned, Client-Centered

HighTower’s distinct business model is both supportive and acquisitive.

In a supportive capacity, HighTower extends its platform, community and brand to both wirehouse advisors and independent firms seeking operating leverage to help enhance profitability and drive growth. HighTower provides support for operations, middle-office, compliance, technology, marketing, practice management and other areas of the business according to the needs of each practice.

In an acquisitive capacity, HighTower either buys a business in its entirety, or brings on advisors as employees via a transaction that includes cash in the form of a promissory note and HighTower equity. HighTower manages the business’s day-to-day operational functions like IT and HR, allowing advisors to focus more time and energy on clients as well as on accelerating business growth.

HighTower continues to redefine financial services and wealth management – and what it means to our valued clients.

Broker, Selling Products Advisor, Providing Unbiased Guidance
Working on Commission Predominantly Earning Professional Fees
House Products A variety of financial products and services from trusted vendors who compete on price for our clients’ business.
Sales Agent Fiduciary
Conflicted Aligned
Confusing Straight-forward
Opaque Transparent
Traditional brokerage Independent financial advisor