Unobstructed Platform

A Sophisticated Platform

Advanced technology and access to some of the industry ‘s top resources drive HighTower’s client-centric approach and helps streamline the delivery of thoughtful, customized advice to clients.
Benefits of our open source structure include:

    Firm-wide restrictions tied to investment banking deals, research department changes, etc., often prevent brokers at large, integrated brokerage firms from executing strategies aligned with their clients’ needs. At HighTower, we have the freedom and flexibility to focus on and act in your interests alone.

    Third-party product and service providers compete for HighTower’s business, which translates to competitive pricing for clients.

    HighTower’s core administration team evaluates the financial products and services available to our advisors and their clients on an ongoing basis, helping to ensure that vendors meet HighTower’s quality control standards.

    HighTower’s collaborative culture allows our advisors to share best practices, experiences and insights to help them deliver more informed investment solutions to their clients.

Robust Research Access

Research is a critical component of wealth management.

  • HighTower’s research team harnesses some of the industry’s leading marketplace analyses and makes them available to our advisors. 
  • Advisors use the intellectual capital derived from research to generate investment strategies. 
  • Clients benefit from HighTower research that shapes and informs their financial investments and strategies.
With access to a broad universe of information, your HighTower advisor is equipped with information to help him or her make well-informed investment decisions based solely on your interests.
As an SEC-registered investment advisor and FINRA-registered broker/dealer, HighTower has a regulatory responsibility to provide regular and rigorous continuing education to its registered representatives and advisors.